Judgment Night

Judgment Night hosted by Fernie Old School Boxing Club raised HUGE $12,500 for the Smiles For Shyanne campaign. This comes a few weeks after a charity dinner & auction evening where $26,000 was raised. Absolutely amazes me seeing a close knit town like Fernie as well as other groups around the B.C. area pulling together for this cause.

Jessica Sannabria (Blue) Vs. Lisa Marie Ritchat (Red)

Barrie Elliott Vs. Shannon Whelan

Kurt Saari Vs. Art Stokreef

Emma VT Vs. Kendall Boyd

Trish Clarke Vs. Nina Pritchard

Obara Przemyseaw Vs. James MacKay


Ben Dorraty (FOSB) Vs. Andrew Coombs(FOSB)

Junior Eli Dychenko (Nelson Boxing) Vs. Gavin Bisla ( Bisla MMA)

Mason Rachery ( Nelson Boxing) Vs. Gurbas Bisla ( Bisla MMA)

Christian Fedorwick (FOSB) Vs. Harkeerat Nijjar (Bisla MMA)

Nathan Metvier ( Nelson Boxing) Vs. Buneet BISLA ( Bisla MMA)

Senior Devin Laurent (Nelson Boxing) Vs. Amrit Dullah (Bisla MMA)

Sam Skiffington (FOSB) Vs. Dong Wook Kim ( MadKatz Kelowna)


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